Collective Worship

We have a variety of ways in which we worship at school; Collective Worship, class led worship, classroom based worship and celebration worship. During worship we offer children a chance to reflect, be still and think. We will also pray and refer to passages from the Bible as well as showing what other faiths believe, allowing children choices in what they may choose to believe.
We are very lucky at Tintwistle CE Primary School - our close church links mean we have a wealth of visitors who add to our collective worship in school.
Reverend Bruce from Christ Church visits us regularly and we also enjoy collective worship with Open the Book who teach us Bible stories through drama.
We also encourage children to lead and take part in Collective Worship.
  1. They retell passages from the Bible through drama
  2. They write prayers and read them to the school in front of pupils, teachers and parents.
  3. They lead the school to be reflective, still and reflect
  4. Children throughout the school take part in Open the Book collective worship.
We learnt our school vision statement with actions. Thank you Year 6 for teaching us! 
This year our we had a 'zoom' Christmas Service, hosted by Reverend Bruce. It was lots of fun!