Spring 2024
Our RE focus this term includes:
Why is Church a special place for Christians? 
We visited Reverend Bruce at Christchurch to find out more about going to church, what happens in churches and why it's such a special place for Christians.  

January 2023 

Our next topics are -Kingdom of God and Forgiveness. 

  • What did Jesus say about the Kingdom of God?
  • Why did Jesus teach his disciples to pray the Lord’s Prayer: ‘Your kingdom come?
  • Why did Jonah change his mind?
  • How does prayer help Christians start again?
After visiting the Cenotaph this morning we spent some time exploring Christchurch. Thank you to Ruth and Christine for showing us around and talking to us about all of the important features. 
We are enjoying learning all about God this half term. We loved learning about the story of creation. 
We are learning all about the disciples, Zacchaeus and about baptism this half term. 
This term we are learning about how our wonderful world was created.  We have explored the creation story and what it means to be 'stewards' of this planet God created.  We have of course celebrated Harvest Festival and also enjoyed a great day with our friends from the Christchurch and URC learning all about Eucharist.  We're all about Christmas for the next few weeks! 
We really enjoyed retelling the Easter Story. Here is a little snippet, you can see the full video on our Facebook page! 
Our themes this half term are 'Good News' and 'Christian Community'. We have really enjoyed listening to stories from the Bible, especially 'The Parable of the Two House Builders'. 
Celebrating Harvest Festival ...