Forest School

We have a 'weather' theme for Forest School this half term. So far we have thought about how to 'catch' the weather and designed weather catchers and enjoyed a windy day! We are observing our apple tree and watching how it changes with the seasons.  
Forest Friday
Our forest school sessions started last week and we had a great time! Our focus was trees, we looked carefully at the trees growing in our garden, we learnt how to identify the oak tree by looking closely at the shape of the leaves. The children loved playing 'hug a tree' with their partner and tasting the delicious apples from the apple tree. 
Week 2.... the rain came down! It was wet, windy and cold, but we were not defeated! We enjoyed apple crumble made from the apples growing on our tree, with some delicious custard!  To keep warm we made a 'leaf fire' using all the colours of leaves that reminded us of fire. We sang about the great fire of London too with pots, pans and a water butt as musical accompaniment. The rain magically changed our pictures on the washing line and the hot chocolate warmed our hands! We don't mind the rain in class 2! 
Week 3
The weather was much kinder this week with lovely warm sunshine. We became bakers just like Thomas Farrinor and made twisty bread on the fire. We also had a go at making a wattle and daub wall just like the Tudor houses we have been learning about. 
Week 4
This week was all about our wonderful world as we have been learning about God and the story of creation. We took time to have a good look around our school grounds and appreciate all we have. We harvested the apples and pears- the cooks are going to turn them into crumble for next week's pudding, yum! We decorated the willow tunnel and wrote thank you prayers. 
Week 6- Autumn Walk
Forest school went on location this week! We went for a gorgeous walk around Swallows Wood. The sun was shining and the long walk didn't deter the children. We collected Autumn treasure, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and found time for an impromptu sing song!