We have been exploring the story of Exodus and how important it is to Jewish people. We have been learning about Passover and how it is celebrated including the use of seder plates.  We had a go at designing our own, thinking about how we could represent important things in our life to food.  We have also been exploring artwork based around the parting of the Red Sea.  Here are some pictures that we looked at. 
We have been learning about the importance of mosques to Muslims.  In order to do this we learnt about the process of prayer and the features of a mosque.  We also linked our activities to our topic 'Ancient Islamic Civilizations' and learnt about Baghdad, the rise and fall of the Islamic Empire and how the Islamic world became so advanced from their love of knowledge and the House of Wisdom.  We also learnt about the foods that were eaten in Ancient Islamic times as well as the food served at some mosques after prayer.