Forest Schools

Year 5 enjoyed their final forest school session for this year, grafting hard as they worked to move wood chips and dig out compost from one of our compost bins to fill the new raised bed. They then foraged for cleavers (goose grass) to make cleaver juice - all the children were brave enough to try a bit! They also foraged for dandelion leaves, adding them to a batter they'd whisked up in order to make dandelion fritters on the fire. A tasty treat to round off their year 5 forest school experience. Thank you very much Mrs Corkhill.
Year 5 had a great time last Friday at Forest School. To celebrate Earth Week, they drew the creases in the palm of their hand and then looked for their 'twin' in the patterns in the bark on the trees. They then 'churned' double cream to make butter and made dough balls on the fire.
In Forest School we have been making Tudor sun dials, making mud art in the style of Kumi Yamashita, identifying trees and their uses and making Tudor buttons with tools! 
In Forest School we have been transporting heavy objects like the Ancient Egyptians, making hot chocolate from chocolate, creating clay cartouches with our names on, preparing the ground for planting and enjoying our garden!
Forest School
Year 6 have been taking photos from the perspective of a bug for their gold certificate for the Woodland Trust Green Tree award.  They have also been building a bug hotel!