School Sport Council

What does our Sports Council do?

Our Sports Council is made up of elected representatives who are also our Colour Sports Captains. They meet regularly and work with our PE Subject Leader to develop PE and School Sport in our school.

They arrange different opportunities for children to take part in events, such as inter house tournaments and often take a lead in making sure that these events run smoothly and are enjoyed by everyone involved.

Our Sports Council members also play an important role in ensuring that all children have opportunities to enjoy active playtimes.

They make sure that equipment is looked after and available for use and they encourage children to try new and different activities and include anyone who wants to join in.


Our Sports Council have 3 main aims:

  • To promote healthy lifestyles through enjoyment of physical activity.
  • To provide opportunities for all children to be involved in sports, such as competitions, where they might represent their colour.
  • Promoting opportunities for children with particular skills and talents in sport to enhance these abilities.